About Us

Our Restaurant

Pyra was the name of a little settlement just south of Des Moines that became what today is known as the City of Norwalk. Though our restaurant building doesn’t go quite as far back as Pyra the village, it is nearly 120 years old, and so our name serves as a tribute to our past, and to the history of our hometown.

In keeping with the historical theme we have created at Pyra, we serve Traditional Neapolitan pizza, or Pizza Napoletana; a style of pizza created in Naples, Italy more than a century ago.

Our Pizza

While there are a number of Neapolitan style pizzas available, Authentic Neapolitan Pizza, must be made with Italian “00” flour (a very finely ground flour,) San Marzano tomatoes, and Fresh (not skim) Mozzarella cheese. Authentic Neapolitan pizzas must be baked in a wood-fired oven with an open flame, and at a very high temperature (800-900 °) for no more than 90 seconds. This is what gives a Neapolitan pizza its signature soft, thin middle and puffy, “blistered’” edge. It’s what makes Neapolitan pizza so incredibly delicious!

In keeping with the Neapolitan tradition, our dough is made with imported Caputo Italian “00” flour and fresh yeast. Our tomato sauce is simple; crushed San Marzano tomatoes from the Mount Vesuvius Valley in Italy, a touch of salt and a bit of fresh basil to compliment this incredibly sweet tomato. Our pies are crafted with fresh mozzarella and are baked at 800° in our imported Italian wood-fired oven. 

Though the traditional Neapolitan Pizza is simply dough, sauce, olive oil and cheese, we often “Americanize” our Pizzas with an array of toppings; from bacon, sausage, peperoni and ham, to 3 types of mushrooms, 3 kinds of olives, and a number of other toppings. We feature a house-made garlic-white sauce that is a must-try (Great with Graziano’s sausage or prosciutto!)

Not feeling pizza?

Pyra offers an assortment of sandwiches that are baked in our wood-fired oven; dinner-sized artisan salads; and a number of desserts that we are becoming quite known for. (Try our grasshopper, you’ll be amazed!)

Rounding things out, we have 10 ice-cold beers on tap with many more available in bottles; 10 varieties of wine -available by the glass or by the bottle, and many other drink offerings as well.

Come dine with us!

At Pyra, our goal to be the best pizzeria in Norwalk and the surrounding area. We invite you to come dine with us, and let us know if you agree!